An Epigram is a brief, clever and/or memorable statement. They can be satirical, they can be pithy, they are always pointed. The intent is to contain maximum punch in a minimum of words or syllables. Some are in couplets or quatrains, others are merely a quick splash.

Certain epigrams that I call a “quick splash” are not considered, by some, to be poems. They call them quotations. I disagree. I can’t find a legitimate place to draw the line between a quotation and a poem. A poem is designed to convey an idea, a thought or a feeling, and pithy quotations do just that.



When you ask God to act You must be prepared To be His vehicle.


To my kinsman the mallard Because it is our lot to choose Between being the game and the prey © Julia Varnell-Sarjeant 2011


I do not tell you our love is gone Not because I'm afraid it will hurt you But because I'm afraid it will not. © Julia Varnell-Sarjeant 2011

Writing Poetry: The Epigram

How many of you have written an epigram?  Probably most of you.  Maybe you didn't realize that is what you were writing. Many years ago, when I was in college (just after the stone age and well into the stoned age), I took a course in poetry.  My excellent professor,...