The sonnet is a 14 line poem, the name coming from the notion that a sonnet is a “little song.”

The most common form of sonnet is the Petrarchan sonnet, whose 14 lines consist  of an eight line (octet) stanza and a 6 line stanza (sestet). In this form, the rhyme scheme for the eight line stanza is ABBAABBA, the six line sestet is either CDCDCD or CDEEDE. The Italian form of the Petrarchan has the rhyme scheme of the sestet as CDDCEE. These have other variations as well.


I Heard the Robins Wake the Dawn – The Sonnet

I heard the robins wake the dawn with praise As beak to beak the mothers feed their young In joy they sing to greet the rising sun Erasing memories of cold yesterdays Bright colors paint the shadows and the grays A warm response to the joyous song Taking pleasure in...

Writing Poetry: The Sonnet

I find sonnets particularly difficult.  Their strict form is quite different from the way I talk.  I usually think in tetrameter, so I have to force myself to do pentameter.  This means I have to add syllables to make it work.  The rhyme scheme is also a challenge.  I...